The Kitchen – The Reward Project

Before you look at all the pictures, let me state something first.  Despite the fact, my husband and I are accountants, money is not the issue about remodeling the kitchen.  We aren’t that cheap.  However, with 2 small boys (who imagine up wonderful ideas while mom & dad are looking the other way) cars, trucks and other items hit the cabinets occasionally.  Therefore, we opted out of remodeling the kitchen right away.  Plus, it’s a smaller space and we are slowly coming up with our list of “must haves” in our perfect kitchen.  When the remodeling time comes, it will be exactly what we dream it to be – after all, we are not planning on moving.  We love our home.

Now back to the sarcastic view of the kitchen – please note, I will try my most lovely HGTV descriptions of the area.

Below you will see an antique calendar.  This calendar dates back to 1972 and has significant meaning to the homeowners.  One homeowner has a sibling born in the year 1972 and this memento reminds her of her family each time she opens the cabinet.

The cabinets are made of wood and have a smooth finish.  To bring out the color in the hardware the current and previous homeowners have taken some time to lighten the wood behind each pull.  To get this effect, one must have patience…maybe like 40 years to match the sticker time frame indicated above.

The homeowners have been a bit shy about showing off the counters to outside guests.  They are waiting to hear from the precious metal inspector on the value of the gold specks in the countertop before they remove it.  This alone could equal the value of this spectacular kitchen!

Of course, no kitchen would be complete without a nice stove.  A beautiful modern flat top stove makes a statement under the gold-colored venting hood and elegant faux paus brick.  The white really stands out against the rich 1970’s decor and the spice rack brings the whole color scheme together.

The wallpaper does pull the golden hood and fake brick together nicely.  Below are 3 photos of the beautiful patterns at work!

Now you probably are taken back by the beautiful blending of rich 70’s orange, brown and rust.  However, to demonstrate how wonderful color blending can be – the middle picture is actually the flooring. 

Doesn’t it tie it all together nicely?

Now back to reality.  I will not be the girl  waving my hand in front of my face trying to dry my tears as they fall.  And I am not the girl saying – I need more space for storing my stuff or to entertain.  However, I state it now for all to read – IF (and that is virtually impossible) – I cry at the remodel idea or cry because they come to my house – I will give them (the Property Brothers) a small concert and sing – Cry Baby by Janis Joplin….she was from the 1970’s..just like my kitchen!


10 thoughts on “The Kitchen – The Reward Project

  1. And here I was thinking I had the worst kitchen in the world!! I can now safely say that I have been relegated and only carry the honour for the area currently known as the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

  2. Yes, my kitchen has a mind of it’s own, and is, quite possibly, possessed. The pantry cupboard door once jumped off it’s hinges and attacked my mother on her back. We had to rescue her, from where she was lying, pinned on all fours, to the floor, by the melamine door (gee – sounds like the lyrics of a folk song!??). Miraculously, not one single bottle of spices, herbs, oil, vingegar or other pantry stuff, broke or spilled.

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