Nicole Kidman

A little bit of background.

When I meet my hubby, I was a tiny size 5, long red hair and singer in a band. A bartender at night and overall wild child. Or as I say now – just a little spicy. Spicy,crazy or living on the edge …you get the picture.

Met hubby and I downshifted. Big time.

After 2 complicated pregnancies (closer together than advised or PLANNED), I have a full healthy family. However, I am no longer a size 5 – nor will I probably be again. Plus – I was just too skinny looking. Blah.

While consulting a ‘girly’ party, I started chatting with 3 women (who I hardly know) about my  “previous life”. I said I am not spicy anymore. To which one replied, “Oh come on. You are spicy still.” Then I gave them a little “Hit me with your best shot” and headed out the door.

I asked my hubby, if I was spicy still? “Yes, but luckily not as bad as you used to be!”

Let me digress
In the band, I was single, a flirt and just a tad self-centered. But no regrets. I had fun. I lived my early 20’s to the extreme and it made me what I am today. Plus, I learned a few lessons along the way.

Not that my hair is short, but hubs did say “it would be cool if you grew your hair out again”.

On more occasions than the population in Toronto, (back in the day) I was constantly told I looked like Nicole Kidman. To the point – all my racing dirt track friends would make me say, “let me out of the car Cole, let me out of the car!”. And I could sound like her too – yes I am very talented.

Ok the point –
I want to feel that spicy again. I know losing weight will help. It’s not that I am unhappy. I have a wonderful hubby and kids. Good job, house, food on the table and friends.  But maybe, just a little, my confidence lacks the previous flare.

At the end of this personal challenge,  instead of my hubby saying you are just gonna be hotter. I want him to say DAMN! (Again)


14 thoughts on “Nicole Kidman

  1. You were too skinny, but not blah. Never blah, but not your spicy self. I agree, long hair would be good. Lets grow it back together…. Ha ha.
    If I were up there I’d kick your bonny arse all up and down the street.
    Maybe I need to make a special trip.

    • You are on! Biotin here we come. I think I might have a head start though.

      But you know – its the same only completely different. Like the chairs!

      Bony arse? I thought the video said Bones of Steel?

  2. I’m still looking. It seems as if that particular jump drice grew legs and wandered somewhere in my house. i found the other 7 drives so I will keep looking

    • You would think I would have kept a copy of it too! But, I know I let it go when I left SMDC – because it was an email format. Sniff sniff.

      Yellow Eights will be chasing me soon!!!

  3. I like it. Do your thing. Be awesome. You though you were awesome, but…you ARE awesome. Just find that little part of your brain that realizes it! Good luck on your journey! I bet you’ll be there before you know it!

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