About ME

This blog is about weight loss and becoming healthier. Healthier can cover physical well-being all the way to mental being.  Either way, that’s the goal and I will obtain it.


A little bit about me –

Married to an awesome guy whom I truly adore

Have 2 boys less than 2 years apart

A good job that I enjoy going to each day

Serve on the board for hockey and lacrosse

I do 501c3 applications….because apparently, I like to….or cannot say no

Have rental properties and keep acquiring to hopes to retire early

MOST IMPORTANTLY – hanging with my family on a regular basis because we have a good time together


19 thoughts on “About ME

  1. I just wanted to thank you for following us at weshallhavepie!
    We are following you back!
    I must say, you are not along in your addiction to the Property Brothers… my boyfriend and I were hooked on everything HGTV until we bought a house and started to renovate it on our own…..now we mainly watch History channel!
    Good luck in your Journey!

  2. Thank you for the follow, my fiancé and I watch property brothers all the time!! lol because of them I now LOVE the open concept lol
    Anyway thank you again for the follow, please chat with me sometime about fitness, i’d love to pick your brain and it’s always great to learn something new from other people!
    Have a great day

    Isaac J. Hall II

    (Losing 50 Laps) clever metaphor, I like it!

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