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My Goal Sweater

You know how some people buy a goal outfit?  Like the outfit you want to fit into to show yourself you made the fitness goal?  Yeah, I don’t do that…

Until now…

I decided that Drew Scott’s sweater should become my goal sweater.  Ya know, the blue one with white dots?  He wore it last week on Brother vs Brother.  I must agree with his brothers and believe IT IS a woman’s sweater.  I think Drew saw it  was the only sweater on the store shelf and he wanted to have a ‘one and only’ sweater.  But it wasn’t the ‘one and only’ because someone…a woman…decided against the purchase and put it on a random clothing shelf.

Anyway – back to the issue or goal at hand.  I think he should mail the sweater to me and I will make it my goal sweater.

This week is a brutal week.  Hockey board meeting was Sunday.  Lacrosse board meeting on Wednesday.  Church finance council meeting on Thursday.  Add a hockey game, baseball practice and a baseball game and that gives you a full week.  But you need to add exercise, work and sleep.  Somehow, I will make it work.  Please note this schedule doesn’t include my husband’s golf night and need to address rental items after work.

Occasionally, David and I will look at our week ahead schedule and say, “How are we going to do this?”  Yet, we proceed without a true plan but somehow make it happen.  It happens because together we are an awesome team.  We truly support each other’s dreams or goals…with a little immaturity mixed in.

The Scott Brothers are similar.  They support each other but have bets that require Drew to dress up in a show girl outfit.  Perhaps that is why he started the day out with a woman’s prepare him for the loss??

And my vote was for Jonathan’s kitchen….much bigger and nicer.  Plus, Drew cheated by dressing up as lady liberty.

Dressed up as lady liberty…

Back to the sweater…

Nevermind.  He must’ve been preparing for his future loss…

Until next week – I will look for my sweater in the mail.

Losing 50


Last week:  2.5 lbs lost



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