Losing Weight

No Wife Left Behind

The new series of Brother vs. Brother is now on.  I find it funny my boys ask to watch it and I never forced it.  In fact, they decided they will be the next brothers to make it big in real estate.  I am ok with that – early retirement.  ( I am assuming the real estate venture will happen after their professional hockey careers.)

Also, they heard many people come up and make a comment about Jonathan’s incident in Fargo, ND.  My reply to the boys – If Jonathan wasn’t famous, we would have never known about it.  They agreed and were excited he ‘didn’t go to jail’ because Jonathan is their favorite. (Because in the kid mind – Bro vs Bro and the incident happened JUST now)  I really don’t have much more to say about it – it’s just a yucky situation.


David and I are plugging along. We continue to harass each other and probably have the most immature relationship you can have after 14 years together.  But I will take it!  David is still plugging away at rentals and doing well at work.  He still coaches hockey and continues to be a supportive husband.

Recently, I was promoted to a manager at the healthcare organization that employs me.  I am still the treasurer for hockey, but have added lacrosse and baseball to that resume of held treasurer board members.  I have been working out with Colin DeWaay as a virtual trainer and it’s going well.

With my work promotion, I will not be working in the same office as my husband.  This brings our attempts at carpooling to an end.  I say attempts because it’s well known in our office – David forgets me.  Yes, he will drive off and forget me.  It hasn’t happened once.  It has happened enough that I had a keychain made for him as a Christmas present.  After all, that gift will keep on giving.  The last time he drove back to pick me up, I approached the car to find him laughing.   I asked what was so funny.  He said, “If it was any other woman, the man would be in huge trouble…but you think its just as funny.”  True statement – and good Facebook humor too.

Back to the brothers –

First Episode Review –

I preferred Jonathan’s living room.  I like the bold colors and imagine it would look nice in my kitchen.  Just saying..

Have good week!  Eat healthy and Stay Fit.

Losing 50


Scott  Brothers –

Don’t worry – I haven’t done a thing to my kitchen.  So start planning!



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